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Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics for Retail, Wholesale & Used Cars Sales

It is AJVA’s policy that all concerned persons involved in the sales process shall strive to meet the following guiding principles:

1-All sales consultants must introduce themselves to showrooms visitors and represent the company and products the company is marketing in a manner that befits the reputation of the company and the brands it represents, in all transparency and honesty.

2-All sales quotations presented to customers must be clear and conclusive so customers know what is being offered, the extent of commitment and the service the company is committed to provide.

3-In addition to clear vehicles description, quotations must also include comprehensive description of the offers, payment type along with details of any additional charges.

4-All relative issued receipts must in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations in the Kingdom.

5-Any warranty provided by sales consultant to customers must comply with Ford warranty guidelines and regulations.

6-Any description of after-sales services must be accurate and clear. It must Include description of workshop locations closet to customers locations.

7-At conclusion of deals, in coordination with the after-sales customer service team, sales consultant must book the first periodic service visit for the customer and explain the steps to confirm the appointment or change date and/or service location, if necessary.

8-Any receipt or quotation shall reflect sales consultant’s name, branch address and contact details.

9-Sales consultant shall provide services to customers according to their needs and purchasing power without distracting customer's attention, abuse his/her trust, or exploit customer’s lack of experience or knowledge.

10-Sales consultant shall respect customers’ privacy by making every effort to connect with them at times that suits their convenience without intrusion. Customer has the right to terminate sales interviews/ calls at any time.

11-Sales consultant should focus on the advantages and benefits of the company's products and refrain from underestimating or slandering other brands or companies.

12-Sales consultant shall not attempt to direct customers to cancel contract made with another consultants.

13-In cases of unavailability of requested vehicles, sales consultant must refrain from directing customers to any competing brands or direct customers to other dealers in the market.

14- It is strictly prohibited for any sales consultant to be a mediator between two customers to arrange the resales of an already sold vehicle.

15- Reservations and Down Payments:

a-It is not allowed to reserve a vehicle in the inventory except with a 100% refundable down payment with a value of not less than SR. 5,000.

b-It is prohibited to collect down payments from customers to reserve vehicles not taken into stock yet. Alternatively, sales consultant shall add potential customers’ names in a waiting list created at each showroom. Sales consultant shall update potential customers with information as it becomes available.

c-In the case of modified vehicles: customers shall be requested to pay a refundable down payment upon his/her confirmation of the order. Payment receipts are to be issued indicating the vehicles’ expected date of arrival without any responsibility or liability on the company due to any possible delays in date of actual arrival of said vehicle as a result of force majeure situations.

16- Vehicles delivery:

a-Predelivery inspection and issuing plates: Customer has the right to check and approve the disclosure form and the notes of any to be sold vehicle placed in every delivered car. Sales consultant must obtain customer’s approval to complete the transaction and sign the notes form by himself or by an authorized representative. Customer approval is pre-requisite to register the sold unit is relative government system and issuance of plates.

b-Sales consultants must follow the “Ford 10 steps” in delivering sold vehicles to customers, including full explanation of vehicles’ features, advantages and benefits.

c-In the case of delayed delivery dates and times due to reasons beyond company’s control, for example, but not limited to, technical issues relative to vehicles’ registration or linking insurance with sold vehicles on relative government portals or due unavailability of transportation beds, sales consultants must keep customers updated of new delivery dates and times.

17-Not adhering to all or any of the aforementioned code of ethics by any sales consultant will be considered violation of the code of ethics and such violations are punishable and disciplinary actions will be taken against sales consultant and his/her supervisor/manager in accordance with the internal regulations of Al-Jazirah Vehicles Agencies Company and Saudi Labor Law.

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